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Custom Stripmaster® Wire Strippers

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The Custom Stripmaster® Wire Stripper has set the industry standard in hand-held precision-wire stripping. It provides fast, accurate wire stripping with its one-step squeeze-action stripping and unique precision blade design. This light-weight wire stripper, made from sturdy die-cast zinc, is designed for maximum mobility and high productivity in all types of non-precision and precision stripping applications. The Custom Stripmaster® Wire Stripper offers extra leverage with its spring-action mechanical design for reduced operator effort. It can be customized with your choice of gripper pads and blade sets to match your wire stripping requirements. The comfort grip handles are color-coded to identify the best tool for the application. Red handles are used for larger wire (10-14 AWG) and black handles are used for smaller wire (16-30 AWG). The blades and grippers installed in the tool are specific to the application. Optional short-stop latch and transparent wire stop increases tool versatility and insures consistent strip lengths. 

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